Competition «Денсаулық — зор байлық»

Опубликовано 01.04.2016.

31.03.2016, in the House of students Kazakh State University hosted an event «Денсаулық — зор байлық»“, organized by the Department of Applied Biology University.

The competition on checkers and togyzkumalak students showed good knowledge of the abstract and logical thinking, showed their best abilities of technical and tactical. Places checkers as follows: UEFA ranked third student group I-117 Mұhametzhanov Nұrzhan, second student group I-117 Tusupov Maқsat, first student of U-211 Makashev Sulleymen. Among the girls took third place student of I-21 Temіrbek Almagүl, second F-315 Omarbekov Botagөz, first student of I-123 Rashidov Madina.

According togyzkumalak girls showed good activity and purpose in the game. Following the results of the competition were distributed as follows: the third place was taken by a student of I-11 Shakirov Akbota, second F-129 Қayratova Іnkar, first place was awarded student of I-21 Қydyrbay Fariza. All participants were awarded certificates. We are grateful to all the students who took part in this event!