Students 3 and 4 courses of a specialty «Biotechnology» Alipbekova Arai, Muhtarova Zhibek and Dosan Erkezhan returned victorious.

Опубликовано 17.04.2016.

In Astana 14 April 2016 was held the XI International scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students “Science and Education 2016”.

Alipbekova Arai Baurzhanovna and Muhtarova Zhibek Bіrzhankyzy at the conference were awarded with diplomas of 1 degree in a scientific subject «Investigation of algae of freshwater and their usage» (supervisors, PhD, associate professor Silybaeva B.M. Omarkhan E.K.) and Dosan Erkezhan Zhumakankyzy awarded a letter of gratitude on

“Given the importance of the object as a halophilic plant biotechnology”  (supervisor PhD, associate professors Silybaeva B.M. Kydyrmoldina A.S.)

Congratulations! Good luck!