At the Department of Applied Biology, a round table. kazguiu КазГЮИУ
Опубликовано 26.04.2016.

21.04.2016 at the Department of Applied Biology, a round table with the participation of Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor, head of department of the Kemerovo State University Irina Smirnova.

It was attended by employees of the Department of Applied Biology and the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics. In an interview Irina acquainted the participants with the aforementioned departments of the University, with the problems faced by the university administration. Briefly highlighted the issues of industrial practice of students and spoke about encouraging students from the university leadership and the Governor Tuleyev Governor A. annually providing all possible assistance to students, undergraduates and graduate students. She also shared her impressions about our university department. He spoke enthusiastically about our biotech labs that our students are provided all conditions for successful studies and science lessons for our specialties. To express my deep gratitude to the leadership in the first place, the rector of the university Shyryn Asylhanovna. On the part of our employees asked questions related specialties “Biotechnology” and “Standardization and certification, metrology.” exchanged views on science, graduate and postgraduate studies and many others

The round table was lively all were satisfied.