Docents of Department Philology KazHJIU at the International scientific and practical conference in Kyrgyzstan kazguiu КазГЮИУ
Опубликовано 30.04.2016.

Docents of Department Philology KazHJIU Gainullina F.A. Muhazhanova R.M., Kabyshev T.B. took part in the 8th International Scientific and Practical Conference “Intercultural Communications: language, literature, translation studies and journalism in the context of education”, organized by the International University of Ataturk Ala Too and the University named after Suleyman Demirel held April 28-29, 2016 Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

The conference not only gave presentations at the section “World Literature and Folklore: Past, Present and Future”, but also able to share with colleagues – scientists from the United States, Bosnia, China, Turkey, Japan, Kyrgyzstan and other countries – their views on the future development of the world of the humanities, to conclude an agreement on cooperation between universities.

The conference program included a visit to the memorial complex “Ata-Beyit”, built in memory of the victims of repression 30s. In the historical-memorial complex “Ata-Beyit” was buried Kyrgyz writer Chingiz Aitmatov. Teachers also made a trip to the architectural complex “tower – Minaret Burana”, which is one of the oldest buildings on the territory of Central Asia. Its construction dates back to the 10-11 centuries

Scientific Forum, live communication with scientists, excursions and good left an indelible impression on the participants of the conference