Academic Mobility of KazHJIU

Опубликовано 03.05.2017.

The results of the competition on the academic mobility program for semester studies at the Sofia University named after “St. Clíment of Ohridski” (Bulgaria, Sofia). The competition was attended by 23 participants who study on specialty 5В011900 “Foreign Language: Two Foreign Languages”.

According to the results of the I and II stages of the contest, the following students scored the highest scores: a student of the G-219 group Meiramgazinova Aida (82 bb), a student of the G-220 group Bosshalova Madina (82 bb), a student of the G-119 Dubaeva Aida group (79 bb), a student of group G-219 Yerbolatova Aida (81 bb).

The main criteria for the selection of applicants were:

  1. The average score of progress;
  2. Presence of achievements in educational and scientific activity;
  3. Knowledge of English.

Congratulations to the students on their victory! We thank all participants of the contest!