Professional experience is not required

Опубликовано 20.06.2017.

Dear Graduates of Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University!

In accordance with Standard Qualification Requirements to the administrative state positions of the corpus “B” professional experience is not required within the job arrangement to following categories:

1) В-6, С-5, С-О-6, С-R-4, С-R-5, D-5, D-О-6, Е-4, Е-5, E-R-4, E-R-5, E-G-3, Е-G-4;

2) С-О-4****, С-О-5****, D-О-4****, D-О-5****. ****Note: If in the manning table of the State Agency the post is a downstream, then the requirements for professional experience are not established.

In this way, dear graduates, simplification of requirements in the public service by professional experience opens up great opportunities for you to apply a job!