Опубликовано 20.10.2017.

10/14/2017. the team of KazHJIU among the universities and colleges in Semei on the Track and Field Cross, dedicated to the memory of the silver medalist of the XVII Olympic Games of the 60s of the last century G.Kosanov took 3rd place among the young men. Composition of the team: Azimzhanov A. 325 group, Berikkaliev K. 325 group, Aubakirov D. 225 group, Mukashev A. 115 group, Zhanibek K. 127 group, Meiramanov M.125 group, Seisenbaev H. 12 group 5, Kanu A 125 group , Kazezbaeva B. from 317 group.

Organizers: senior lecturer Nurpeysov K.N. and teachers Erzhanov A.K., Aidarkhanov R.A. of Department of Applied Biology.