To the attention of  KazHJIU’s all Master students!

We invite the Master students to study on the joint educational program: at Varna University of Management (Bulgaria, Sofia) on the specialty “Master of Business Administration” (MBA), with the diploma of this university.

The Varna University of Management is accredited by the National Evaluation Agency and the Accreditation Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria,  also by the British Accreditation Council (SAC) and is one of the highest ranked universities in the SSRN, ranked 274 among the Top-1000 best business schools of the world.

Necessary documents:

  1. A copy of the passport, certified by a notary
  2. Copy of the diploma of higher education certified by a notary
  3. 2 photo 3 * 4
  4. Summary
  5. Application in the established form

The deadline for submitting documents is November 1, 2017 (Center for Internationalization of Educational Programs)

Tuition fee – 400 Euros (per semester).

The program includes a foreign internship on the basis of the Varna University of Management in the summer (with a trip to the sea).

For additional information, please contact:

Lenin st., 11

Administrative building of KazHJIU

2nd floor, 11th cabinet

Center for Postgraduate Education and Science – Raziyeva Dinara Bagdatovna

Tel .: +7 705 801 67 87

4th floor, 23 cabinet

Center for Internationalization of Educational Programs – Mussabaeyva Ayauly

Tel. +7 (7222) 36 03 63