The collossal seminar of Professor Kaftandjiev Christo

Опубликовано 28.11.2017.

On the 20-24 of November in 2017, the seminar “Effective Communications” was conducted by Professor Kaftandjiev Christo,pro-rector for International Cooperation of KazHJIU. Participants of the seminar were students, undergraduates and doctoral students of various specialties, as well as teachers of the Department of Finance and Accounting, Economics and Management, and Philology.

During the seminar, the analysis of the most advanced communicative strategies and technologies from the point of view of applied semiotics and their practical use was carried out.

“Communications – as part of the science of various iconic systems: words, colors, clothing, music, etc. We actively use all these signs in various communications – personal, pedagogical, psychological, legal, political, marketing, etc. Thanks to this, scientific areas such as pedagogical, legal, architectural, psychological, musical semiotics, etc. are actively developing in the world”- says Professor Kaftandjiev Christo.

It should be noted that during the seminar Professor Kaftandjiev Christo used visualized video materials. All participants received an unforgettable impression.

The solemn presentation of certificates to participants of the seminar took place on the 24 of November in 2017.