5 years of successful operations of the Tutoring School of KazHJIU

Опубликовано 05.04.2018.

Within its 20 years of KazHJIU notes another date. 5 years ago, the University opened a school of tutoring. In honor of this date, from March 26 to March 30, 2018, the University held a workshop on the current topic: “Effective ways of formation of knowledge, skills and competencies of students as the main factors of effective participation in the UNT.”  The purpose of the workshop was to identify effective ways to improve the system of preparation of school graduates for the final certification and UNT. On March 26, 2018, a round table on “System preparation for the UNT as a basis for improving the quality of education”was organized as part of the seminar. Students and teachers of schools of Semey city and districts of East Kazakhstan region, the teachers-Tutors of the Tutoring School, students of Economics, Tarbagatai, Ayaguz, Abai, Kokpekty districts, students of Kazhliu, attended the event.  During the round table participants discussed the new format of the UNT and psychological preparation of students for this exam.  The seminar included advanced training courses for school teachers. Correction and training sessions were held with students of the school of tutoring to relieve stress and stress in preparation for the UNT.