As part of the week of science at the faculty of Humanities were held open classes dedicated to the 20th anniversary of our University

Опубликовано 09.04.2018.

On April 9, at 11-15 hours in the 24th audience Dean of the faculty of Humanities, doctor of Philology, Professor Seyitova Shynar Botayevna held an open lecture on the topic:”Onomastic space of East Kazakhstan – an indicator of the national code and spiritual renewal (based on the toponymic names of Tarbagatai, Ayaguz, Urzhar districts)”.

Also at 14-00 associate Professor Mukazhanova Raushan Muratkhanovna held an open lecture on the theme:”A wonderful writer Mukhtar Auezov (dedicated to the 120th anniversary of M. Auezov).”

Teachers and students who attended these lectures received a lot of useful and interesting information.