Опубликовано 09.04.2018.

8 April, 2018 student Taskynbayev Amanbek enrolled in the specialty “computers and software” under the leadership of senior lecturer of chair “Informatics and mathematics” of KazHJIU Makhambayev D. B. took part in the Republican subject Olympiad among students of Higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialty 5B070300 – “Information systems” which was held in Kazakh-British Technical University, Almaty.

According to the results of the Republican student Olympiad on specialty “Information systems” Amanbek Taskynbayev showed a high level of knowledge, taking the 15th place among the 65 Universities in Kazakhstan.

The faculty of the Department thanks the student Taskynbaev A. B., and head Makambayev D. B. for participation in the Olympics and wishes success in scientific research!