Congratulations! Student of the specialty “computers and software” of KazHJIU Tashkenbaev Amanbek has successfully completed the apprenticeship in JSC “Kazcontent”!

Опубликовано 09.04.2018.

From 15 January to 25 March 2018, the student 4 courses of the specialty “computers and software” of Kazhliu Tashkenbaev Amanbek took an apprenticeship in JSC “Kazcontent”. On the basis of professional practice, he has received a rating of “excellent”. Congratulations!

Tashkenbaev Amanbek:

“I was an Intern at JSC “Kazcontent”. The practice was very useful for me. I gained a lot of experience in the field of web application development, learned how to code in the PHP framework laravel and bash, as well as server configuration. Even more remarkable was to see how JSC “Kazcontent” is arranged from the inside, to get acquainted with the internal structure of the company. I had excellent mentors who helped me in case of questions. I would like to allocate his head Makasheva Besana: he was ready at any time to help me and calmly explained things. I worked in a very friendly team. I want to say thank you to the Department “Kaztube”, where my working time was. I also want to Express my gratitude Kazhliu for providing such opportunities.”