Congratulations to the winners and participants of the International scientific and practical conference of students, undergraduates and doctoral students “Integration of science and practice as a mechanism of effective development of modern society “section:” Innovative processes and information technologies in education»

Опубликовано 09.04.2018.

April 6, 2018 at the Department of “Informatics and mathematics” section: “Innovative processes and information technology in education” conference was held. In total, 10 scientific reports were presented at the conference.

All the reports aroused the interest of the audience. At the end of the scientific-practical conference, head of the Department kurmanbaev gave diplomas to the authors of reports, 1, 2 and 3 places at the conference.

The conference results are as follows:

1st place: Abylkair Adil-student group I-213. Topic: virtual 3D model of computer rooms at the Department of “computer Science and mathematics”, research supervisor-teacher Dzhakupova B.Y.

2nd place: Baisagymova Bakytzhamal- student, and group-217. Subject: multimedia presentations, scientific supervisor-master Yerkinbek A. E.

2nd place: Auelkhanov Kuanysh -student group And the-117. Subject: Development of a fragment of information-telecommunication systems “Virtual computer classroom”, scientific supervisor-Professor  Aydin M. A

3rd place: Nurakova Zhupar-student group and the-211. Topic: Design of information systems in the programming environment, supervisor-Kaysanova Zh.Zh.

3rd place: Oralbayev Ardak -student group And 213. Topic: creating a database of the personnel Department in the programming environment Delphi, supervisor teacher-Belgibayeva L. K.

3rd place: Tleubergen Yermek-a student group And a-311. Topic: video editing in the program Camtasia Studio, supervisor-master Mukusheva N. Zh.

With the diploma “the Best presentation” was awarded to the student group And 221 Salkamzanova Gulnur.

And also the master’s and doctoral students were awarded:

Beisebayeva Zhadyra-the diploma “the best report” student group of the MI-221. Subject: DDOS ATTACKS: testing environment and protection.

Kalenova Aizhan-diploma “Hope in science” undergraduate MI-121.

Alkhanova Gulnur, the diploma of 2 degrees, doctoral student, 1 course. Topic:”prospects of use of information and communication technologies in digitalization of Kazakhstan”.