The results of the decade of science, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kazhliu, from 2 to 13 April 2018

Опубликовано 18.04.2018.

13 April 2018 ended the Decade of science (2-13 April 2018), dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Kazhliu.  According to the Programme of the decade of science of Kazhliu in the University was carried out the following activities:

  1. The results of the intra-University competition of student scientific works and projects ” My University is my profession!”dedicated to the 20th anniversary of KazHJIU – 2 APR.
  2. Conducted a Master class on publishing research articles in foreign publications — prof. Kaftandjiev Christo — April 3.
  3. Open classes of student scientific circles were held at the faculties on April 5.
  4. The international scientific and practical conference of students, undergraduates and doctoral students “Integration of science and practice-the mechanism of effective development of modern society” — 6-7 April.
  5. A meeting of the Competition Commission to determine the “Best academic University 2017”, “Best student in science 2017”, “Best faculty in science 2017”, “Best Department in science 2017”, “Best textbook 2017” was held on April 9.
  6. Read a public lecture on the topic: “East Kazakhstan onomastic space-reflection of the national code and revival of the spirit” (on the basis of toponymic names of Tarbagatay, Ayagoz, Urdzhar districts) ” – doctor of philological Sciences, Professor Sh.Seitova – April 9
  7. A Seminar for young scientists “Methodology and methodology of scientific research” — Vice-rector for science Mataeva M. Kh.-April 10
  8. An open lecture on the topic: “Organization and personnel management” — Ilieva Snezhana, PhD, Professor of the Sofia University.St. Kliment Ohridski-April 11.
  9. Organized presentation of the program “Startup University: innovative projects student business incubator Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University,” which presented innovative projects Vice-rector for strategic development, PhD, Zhampeisov D. A. – 12 APR.
  10. 12 April, the Day of science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the hall of KazHJIU took place the awarding ceremony, awarding of teachers, doctoral candidates, undergraduates and students for scientific achievements in 20 years of development of KazHJIU passed their celebration, awards, Certificates, cash prizes and valuable gifts.

— “The best faculty of KazHJIU in science 2017” was recognized as

The faculty of information technology and Economics — Dean, candidate of biological sciences Kydyralina A. Sh. (photo 9071)

— “The best Department of KazHJIU in science 2017” was defined

Department of applied biology-head of the Department, candidate of biological sciences B. M. Silybayeva

(photo 9078)

— “The best scientist of KazHJIU 2017” is recognized

candidate of biological sciences, Tazabayeva Kulyash Askarovna.  (photo 9085)

“The best students of KazHJIU in science 2017” was named

Dauletbekova Guilden, the master student of the group MU-212, specialty “Jurisprudence”.   (photo 9088)

– “Best inventor of 2017” was recognized

Taskynnbayev Amanbek student of 3rd course specialty “Computer and software” . (photo 9098)

– Honored teachers in the nomination:

“The degree of PhD in the year of the 20th anniversary of KazHJIU» —

PhD Smailov S. Zh., and PhD Moldazhanov M. B.

(photo 9105)

— According NCSSTE with a high h-index was determined 4 teachers of KazHJIU:

  1. Smailov S. Zh. PhD
  2. Zhampeisov D. A., PhD
  3. Mayshekina E. S. PhD
  4. Matayeva M. Kh., PhD

— In the category “His Majesty – the Textbook” the best and recommended by the MES was recognized textbooks — Kydyrmoldina A.Sh.

— Best leader of student work over 20 years of KazHJIU was recognized B.M. Silybayeva, where students repeatedly became winners of international and Republican competitions, contests, conferences.

— Best research centre of KazHJIU for 20 years, became

Research center “Alashtanu”,  candidate of philological sciences, Shanbay Turdykul Kasenuly

— In the nomination “Hope in science” with high publication activity on the topic of research during the years of doctoral studies recognized Zhanat Karazhanova Kaukenovna, PhD student of 2nd year specialty “Jurisprudence”.

– The winners of the MES Contest “the Best teacher of the University” were honored in different years:

  1. Nurekenov Nygmatulla Gainullauly, 2007

the candidate of techn.sciences, associate professor of Economies

  1. Urankhayeva Gulmira Telmanovna 2007, 2015

candidate of philosophy doctor of political science, associate Professor of philosophy

  1. Sergazinov Bolat Ramazanuly 2008

PhD in law, associate Professor.

  1. Urazbayeva Kumis Toleubekkyzy 2008

candidate of physical and mathematical sciences

  1. Zharykbassova Klara Saukovna,  2009

Doctor of engineering

  1. Makambayev Marat Bolatuly, 2009

the candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate Professor of KazHJIU

  1. Seitova Shynar Botayevna, 2012

Doctor of Philology

  1. Ziyadin Sayabek Tattibekuly, 2013

doctor of Economics, associate professor

  1. Tuleubayeva Kuralay Toktarkyzy, 2013

candidate of philologyca sciences

  1. Abikenova Gulnat Tokenkyzy, 2014

candidate of philologyca sciences

  1. Karazhanov Malik Dulatuly, 2014

doctor of philosophy in Law (PhD), associate professor

  1. Abikenova Gulnat Tokenkyzy, 2015

candidate of philologyca sciences, associate professor of the Department of Philology

  1. Zhampeisov Duman Abiltaevich, 2015

doctor of philosophy (PhD)

  1. Kydyrmoldina Ainur Shaymuratovna, 2016.

candidate of biology, associate  professor

  1. Kaishatayeva Assel Kuandykovna, 2016

PhD in law

  1. Silybaeva Batiyash Mukanovna, 2017.

candidate of biological sciences, associate  professor

  1. Ibragimova Flyura Galimovna, 2017

PhD in law

– The winners of the Competition of student scientific works and projects  “My University is my profession!”  become them :

  1. Uzakbayeva Altynay, PIP (Imanbekova Gulbarshin Baktygalievna, master)
  2. Oralbaeva Arnaldy Serikkyzy PIP (Abdullina Gulnar Kabdysheitovna,

Senior teacher)

  1. Sagynbaev Ayan, INF. and mate. (Zhumabaev Asima Askarbekovna, master natural.B.)
  2. Zhanuzakova Zhanar Manaskyzy, history (PhD Adilbaeva Aigul Serikkanovna)
  3. Nugerbekova Ainur Askhatovna, GMU (Uanova Zhanar Manatovna, master)
  4. Mamanuly Darkhan, Social work (Nogayeva Nurbanu Makashevna, Kudageldin Makhsat Tursunkhanuly, masters)
  5. Ilyasova Akmaral Kalkamankyzy, Shadiyeva Anar Kairatbekkyzy, Rakhmetova Umut Kairatovna, Law (Stamgazinova Saltanat Sabitkyzy)
  6. Taskynbayev Amanbek, Computer and softare (Zhumabayeva Asima Askarbayevna, master of nature sciences)
  7. Baktygazin Yernar, Law (Zhampeisov Dauren Abiltayevich, Smagulov Dias Yernurovich, masters).
  8. Completed the Decade of science held on 13 April, the Republican scientific-practical seminar ” The transition to the Latin alphabet-time requirement ” took place under the direction of the head. the Department of Philology of KazHJIU, candidate of philological sciences Tulebayeva K. T.