Опубликовано 19.04.2018.

April 18 at the library named after Abai held a presentation of the book “Era of independence” N.Nazarbayev. The solemn ceremony of the presentation was opened by Deputy akim of Semey Sharova Nadezhda Vasilyevna, who stressed that the book published by The President is nothing but a reflection of the chronicle of the country’s Independence. The analysis of events that have occurred over 26 years is given: not only facts, but also interpretation, accents.

The moderator of the presentation was made by doctor of legal Sciences, Vice-rector for research and commercialization of new technologies Kazhliu – Matayev maygul Hafizovna, which gave an overview on the book.

The presentation was attended by professors, scientists, teachers of higher educational institutions of Semey. Further discussion of the book, which took part and our teacher, head of Department of philosophy and politology, candidate of pH.N., Professor Tulebaev Mahmut Amirbekovich:

– The book “era of independence” of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan — the author’s view on the modern history of Kazakhstan and its future, it characterizes the stages of construction of a sovereign state from its Foundation to the present time. The book takes us to the difficult years of formation of the now strong sovereign state, tells about the emergence of a unique model of inter – ethnic harmony, the adoption of its own national currency-tenge, the construction of the capital of our homeland Astana.

The participants of the presentation got acquainted with the book exhibition “era of independence” which exhibited the books of the President, written by Nursultan Nazarbayev in the years of independence. The Book “era of independence” for reading can be taken in the library named after Abay