Presentation of the projects of the center “Business incubator of KazHJIU»

Опубликовано 20.04.2018.

12 April 2018 in the student business incubator of KazHJIU in the framework of the Decade of science, dedicated to the 20th anniversary the University held the event “Startup University: innovative projects student business incubator Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University. Students presented the following projects:

The Project  «BannerBag »

Shoulder bags, pencil cases of various sizes, covers, raincoats, etc can be created from the most common advertising banners. The development of the project required from students a completely new knowledge and large investments, but this step was a reasonable continuation of an environmentally friendly approach. By implementing this project, students give a “second life” to the materials used

Project «Bene»

Students initially studied the basics of sewing in the enterprise “Bayazit”. Subsequently, they transferred the acquired knowledge to their beneficiaries.

The “Bene” project not only provides the population with cheap and high-quality clothing, but also saves the environment from unwanted textile waste. Unique hand-made products are also created.

Project «Ecoline»

The production of soap. The uniqueness of this idea is that the main composition in the soap is activated carbon, which is contained in the sensational “black mask”, but the advantage is that the soap moisturizes, cleanses from blackheads and softens the skin. This natural product is in great demand among the population of the city.

The Project «EnergySolar»

The solar collector is a source of free and environmentally friendly energy. The students showed the solar collector, which was assembled from beer cans, and demonstrated on the layout how the air is heated directly. The heat generator can be installed on the roof of the building or even on the wall.  The result of the solar heat generator with their hands gives a high temperature of the air, which reaches 15-45C.

Center “business incubator Kazguiu” coordinates the activities of the team of students Enactus Kazguiu, which 25-26 April 2018. Astana will defend the honor of the University at The national Cup of student entrepreneurship, startups and innovations, where the team will present the program “RENOVATION”-the OLD BECOMES NEW.