“Effective methods and technologies in foreign language teaching»

Опубликовано 03.04.2019.

On March 27, 2019, an international seminar for teachers of Philology on “Effective methods and technologies in foreign language teaching ” was held. The main moderators of the workshop were colleagues from New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria) Milka Hadzikocev PhD, associate Professor and Maria Neikova PhD, associate Professor.

The seminar was attended by school teachers and colleges of the region: State Higher Medical College D. Kalmataeva (Semey), School-Lyceum of Settlement of Zhezkent, High School № 6 (Semey), College of Geodesy and Cartography (Semey).

During the seminar theoretical and methodical approaches, and features of professional activity of a foreign language teacher, formation of practical skills on selection and the organization of language and speech material for training sessions and independent work of students were considered.

Of particular interest to participants of the seminar was the practical part of the seminar, in which they considered the European system of language proficiency levels and the system of description of these levels, as well as text models for each level. The seminar participants received recommendations on the use of a variety of teaching methods in teaching a foreign language, taking into account personality-oriented and differentiated approaches, as well as modern social and information technologies of training, which were demonstrated in the video materials of the seminar.

All participants were awarded certificates.