“Methods of teaching disciplines in English in the framework of multilingual education»

Опубликовано 03.04.2019.

At present time, much attention is paid to the development of multilingual education, professional development of teachers.  28 March, 2019 the international seminar “Methods of teaching subjects in English in the framework of multilingual education” was held for teachers of non-linguistic specialties on the basis of the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University.

The seminar was held with participation of foreign scientists: Milka Hadjikoteva PhD, associate Professor and Mariya Neykova PhD, associate Professor, from New Bulgarian University (Sofia, Bulgaria).

The seminar discussed the following issues:

– features of teaching special subjects in English in the framework of multilingual education;

– design of the educational process in English;

– increase motivation of students to study subjects in English;

– formation of practical skills in the selection and adaptation of educational material for students of non-linguistic specialties.

Particular attention was paid to the study of methods and technologies used in the framework of multilingual education, increasing students’ interest in their professional field and motivating them to study terminology in English. In the practical part of the seminar, the participants discussed various methods of working with the text, developed a fragment of the lesson using the text for level A2.

The participants of the seminar received recommendations to improve teaching in the multilingual groups.