An expert-volunteer from the international Senior Experten Service (SES) Udo Giegerich in KazHJIU

Опубликовано 18.04.2019.

From 1 to 17 April 2019 foreign expert (SES) in management and digitalization in the field of education Udo Giegerich.

SES is the leading public organization in Germany, which brings together specialists from different fields, providing consulting services on a voluntary basis, conducting work on professional training and retraining of specialists and managers, as well as improving their skills in Germany and abroad

Udo Giegerich is an expert-volunteer from the International Senior Experten Service (SES). Thanks to his activities in the Ministry of Education of Hessen (Germany), Udo Giegerich is very familiar with the process of administration and digitization in higher educational institutions. He has extensive professional experience, has worked in the Ministry of education since 1998.

Based on his experience and in-depth knowledge, the expert held a seminar on “The Process of digitalization in the MoE Hesse and Recommendations / Ideas for KazHJIU” for the management staff of our University. During this seminar, Udo Giegerich shared his experience in the implementation of digitalization in the field of education in Germany and identified the main goals and benefits of electronic document management system for administrative processes.

At the end of his visit, Udo Giegerich marked a well-organized educational process, research activities, good education, innovation and quality management with the involvement of stakeholders (students, employers, students, parents) in our University.