International Summer School on Entrepreneurship in KazHJIU

Опубликовано 26.06.2019.

An international summer school on entrepreneurship is being held for undergraduates and master’s students (in English) with the participation of leading scientists from the Republic of Bulgaria on the basis of KazHJIU from the 17th to 18th  June.

Development of entrepreneurial skills, formation of business thinking, knowledge of the basics of communication are the most important tasks of training a competitive specialist for the regional economy

Attraction of foreign experts, scientists gives undergraduates and master’s students an opportunity to receive additional knowledge, to study the best international practice in the given sphere.

Thus, the course of lectures on “International trade in the context of Eurasian cooperation” was given by Professor Zhelev Pascal from the University of National and World Economy, Sofia.

The purpose of the course on “International Trade”  is to provide participants with knowledge about the nature of international trade, factors, international institutions and current trends, and the challenges facing the global trading system. Much attention was paid to the role of international trade and various types of trade strategies in the economic development of countries in the context of Eurasian integration.

On June 23, the course of lectures on “Effective Intercultural Communication” by Professor Kaftanjiev  Hristo (Sofia University named after K. Ohridsky) starts. The purpose of this course is to form an understanding and develop skills of effective intercultural communication depending on the basic elements of communication among undergraduates and master’s students.