Completion of the International Summer School on Entrepreneurship in KazHJIU

Опубликовано 11.07.2019.

An international summer school on entrepreneurship is being held for undergraduates and master’s students (in English) with the participation of leading scientists from the Republic of Bulgaria on the basis of KazHJIU from the 17th to 18th  July.

From 24th to 28th of June the course of lectures on “Effective Intercultural Communication” within the framework of the international summer school was given by Professor Kaftandjiev Christo (Sofia University named after K.Ohridsky).

Christo Kaftandjiev is a well-known scientist in the field of advertising, marketing communications and semiotics.

The main purpose of the seminar of Professor Christo Kaftandjiev is to develop skills of effective intercultural communication depending on the elements of the communication scheme and to improve the skills of business intercultural communication. The main objective of the seminar was to educate students to respect the values of different cultures. In an era of global business and communication development, it is essential to have competence and knowledge of the peculiarities of communicative behavior of representatives of different communities.  Advertising is an indispensable means of communication in the business world. During the seminar universal communication schemes through audio-visual means of communication were presented. At the end of the seminar typical mistakes of communication were discussed. Students were also offered to form conclusions based on their knowledge. As a practical task students were asked to create a video advertising on the selected topic.