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Defense of dissertations on MBA program at KazHJIU

Опубликовано 15.10.2019.

On October 10, 2019, the first dissertations defense of graduate students and PhD students of KazHJIU under the MBA program was held at the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University. A group of 15 people, which is trained at the Varna University of Management, was formed from undegraduate, graduate and PhD students of different specialties.
Kurmanbayeva Zhanna Asylhanovna, Head of the Rector’s Office, greeted the graduate and PhD students of KazHJIU, noting that this is a very important project.
KazHJIU is implementing a number of joint educational programs of undergraduate and graduate education with foreign universities-partners. One of the most popular programs among young people is the “MBA-Master of business administration”. This program is implemented jointly with Varna University of Management (Bulgaria). Vice-rector for Academic Affairs of Varna University of Management, Director of MBA programs, Professor Vesselin Blagoev came to Semey to the dissertation defence of graduate and PhD students. Professor Blagoev said that the aim of MBA training is that specialists with education in various fields develop as managers, improve managerial competencies, move up the career ladder and it is very important for the state to prepare people who want to develop themselves in the field of management and administrating.
The works of graduate and PhD students were associated with market research and promotion of goods. The main task of the graduating works is to show that the applicant has the skills to use the necessary skills to analyze the market, identify certain issues and solve the problem situation. MBA degree is necessary for those who plan to gain new skills and knowledge in the field of business management, as well as to achieve career advancement.
“The MBA program is quite new for our city, especially with a foreign University. We always say this is an additional degree that allows you to have additional professional competencies in the field of management and administration in any business area. Specialty “Business administration” allows you to prepare specialists who know all the subtleties and specifics of organization management, personnel, able to adequately analyze the current process and develop recommendations for the most effective solution of problems. We all know that any business entity operates in a market that is constantly changing. These changes make it necessary to identify risks in a timely manner and apply measures to prevent them,” said Elena Shustova, Vice-rector for International Cooperation of KazHJIU.
A distinctive feature of the joint educational program of KazHJIU and Varna University of Management is that graduate and doctoral students at the end of the course will receive a second foreign diploma. KazHJIU graduate student receives a diploma in his specialty and additionally a diploma in the MBA program of the

Varna University of Management, which is very highly quoted and is among the top ten business schools in Europe.