Mutually beneficial cooperation

Опубликовано 08.12.2019.

A bilateral memorandum of cooperation in the field of training of personnel for internal affairs bodies between the Police Department of East Kazakhstan region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan and an educational institution was signed on December 8, 2019 in KazHJIU.
The document was solemnly signed by the Rector of KazHJIU, Professor Kurmanbayeva Shiryn Asylkhanovna and Deputy Head of Police Department of East Kazakhstan region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zakimov Eldos Dauletkazievich..
The event was attended by the heads of police departments of Semey city and the staff of the Faculty of Law of KazHJIU.
– During its 20-year history, the university has trained about 40,000 highly qualified graduates holding senior positions in state institutions and internal affairs bodies at the republican, regional and city levels.
The Faculty of Law of the University is located in the historical building, where they are trained in specialties "Jurisprudence" and "Law Enforcement". Material and technical base of KazHJIU allows students to get all necessary skills. Faculty of Law has a crime lab, a forensic science office. This memorandum will allow to improve interrelation with internal affairs bodies during training of specialists, internship and further employment, - said Rector of KazHJIU, Doctor of Political Science, Professor Kurmanbaeva Shiryn Asylkhanovna.
The signed Memorandum is aimed at strengthening long-term mutually beneficial partnership, implementation of educational and research programs and projects, organization of career guidance excursions to departments and educational institutions of the Ministry of internal Affairs for students and young professionals of the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University of Semey.
«The Police Department of East Kazakhstan region signed a bilateral Memorandum within the framework of the principle of dual education. We are able to provide students with a base for practice, conduct joint events: meetings, lectures, and help students choose their future profession. We have a forensic testing ground and a training center where students can be trained in conditions that are as close to real as possible. By combining theory and practice, we want to prepare professionals in their field. KazHJIU plays the big role in maintenance of bodies of internal affairs by personnel and the given cooperation by all means becomes mutually advantageous", - the deputy chief of Department of Police of the East Kazakhstan region of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zakimov Eldos Dauletkazievich Eldos.
The memorandum provides for the selection and direction among the graduates of the university to the courses of initial training in the organization of education of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and employment of graduates who have successfully completed the program of initial training in the educational organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the organization of the conference, seminars and round tables.
The importance of signing the document was emphasized by the university staff:
Ibragimova F.G., Candidate of Legal Sciences, noted that most of the invited guests - heads of police departments are graduates of KazHJIU and the signing of the memorandum should give a new turn in the joint activities between the signed structures, as students are always with great interest practice, share their impressions with teachers and stay to work in the selected units.
Utebaev E.K., Candidate of Legal Sciences emphasized that if earlier memorandums were signed for several years, signing of the memorandum on an indefinite basis will create excellent conditions for selecting future employees from among students and exchange of experience.
Matayeva M.H., Doctor of Law, Chairman of the Dissertation Council, said that the university opened a Doctorate in Jurisprudence. Now law enforcement agencies face new tasks in solving IT crimes, ensuring cyber-security of the country and after training you can get the necessary knowledge. In addition, the Dissertation Council for the degree of Doctor in profile on specialty "6D030100 Jurisprudence" began its work in KazHJIU.
Thus, the higher education institution and internal affairs bodies can conduct mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of professional retraining and professional development of law enforcement officers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, employment and mentoring of graduates.