The path of volunteerism

Опубликовано 21.01.2020.

2020 was declared the year of the volunteer by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. On January 17, 2020, a Republican action was held – Open Doors Day of the Voluntary Movement Centers of Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.
During the event, Dias Smagulov the head of the center “Business Incubator” of KazHJIU and Enactus KazHJIU team presented their projects to the youth at the Semey House of Friendship.

Since 2016, the Business incubator center has been operating in KazHJIU and provides additional education for schoolchildren and students in the field of entrepreneurship, which allows them to develop skills and business thinking. As a rule, students’ projects are of social direction.

The culmination of two months of training is the competition “Start Up Battle”, where the most relevant and socially significant projects win a grant of KazHJIU for the implementation of 3 business ideas.

There are 8 student volunteer organizations at the university. Enactus team of KazHJIU introduced the social project “Wonder women” to help women in difficult life situations. Students received information about women in need of assistance from the Employment and Social Programs Division and organized an interview that identified the knowledge and skills of 156 single mothers.

Participants of the project gained knowledge about entrepreneurship skills and applied them in practice. Financial support for project participants increased by 60% on average.