Online seminar for lawyers

Опубликовано 23.01.2020.

An online seminar on the theme: "Development of dual education as a means of improving the quality of vocational education in the educational program of master's degree 6M030100 "Jurisprudence" was held on January 10, 2020 at the Faculty of Law of KazHJIU.

The following persons took part in the online seminar: A. M. Rakhimov, prosecutor of the Department for supervision over legality of pre-trial investigation of Semey, 1st class lawyer (Captain of Justice), N. E. Esenzholov, Chairman of the specialized administrative court of Pavlodar city, Lawyer of LLP "Raziy" Kuzembaev M.B., Karazhanov M.D. Dean of the Law Faculty, Doctor of Philosophy on specialty "Jurisprudence" PhD , Ibragimova F.G. Head of the Department of Civil Law Disciplines, Candidate of Law , Utebaev E.K. Head of the Department of Criminal Law Disciplines, Candidate of Law.

The seminar discussed topical issues of dual education development as a means to improve the quality of professional education of master students. At the end of the seminar a resolution was adopted. Participants of online seminar, having discussed questions of development of dual education, recommend to introduce in educational process for 2020-2021 academic year a number of disciplines: "Legal problems of institute of mediation in administrative process"; "Actual questions of perfection of justice in the RK"; "Problems of juvenile justice in the RK"; "Perfection of the mechanism of consideration of labour disputes in the RK"; "Problems of legal regulation of supervising activity of prosecutor's office" or "Problems of optimization of legal regulation of structure and activity of prosecutor's office and investigating bodies as a condition of performance of tasks of criminal proceedings"; "Theory and practice of realization of administrative procedures in the RK ". It is also planned to strengthen interaction with local governments, employment centers, employers for support of employment of graduates, their adaptation on a workplace and professional growth.