Expedition of Scientists of KazNHLIU to Urjar Region

Опубликовано 14.09.2020.

As part of the “Eternal Country” direction of “Rukhani Zhangyru” program, scientists of Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University have carried out a large project called “East Kazakhstan onomastic space is a reflection of the national code and spiritual renewal” (based on the toponymic names of Tarbagatai, Ayagoz, and Urjar Districts). In the period from 24 to 31 August, 8 project participants headed by the project leader, Doctor of Letters, Professor Sh.B. Seitova, have made an expedition trip to Urjar region as part of the project.   The main objective of the business trip: Gathering information and data regarding the 3d project collection “Dictionary of Land and Water Names of Urjar region” During the trip, the expedition team divided into three groups and worked on Urjar, Makanchi, and Taskesken directions.  In the course of the work, to obtain complete information about land and water names, the team visited all the villages of the region, they analysed museum data and works of local poets and writers, interviewed elderly people in the field, and recorded names of local lands and waters, with special attention paid to the their origin. During the expedition, more than 80 people were interviewed; more than 500 geographical names were added to the dictionary. The expedition confirmed that the land and water names of Urjar region, famous for its fertile soil and beautiful nature, had a rich history, and once again proved the need to bring those names to knowledge of future generations.