Etics of the Magazine

An associate editor is guided by the policy of the International editorial board of the magazine and limited by applicable law.

 Associate editor bear responsibility for making decision about the publication in the magazine of the materials (manuscripts) presented by authors.

Associate editor should not disclose information about submitted manuscripts to anyone except the corresponding author, reviewers, potential reviewers, other editorial Board members and publisher.

Unpublished materials should not be used by editors out of the magazine without the written consent of the author.

Any received manuscript for consideration should be considered as the confidential document. Manuscripts shouldn't be shown or be discussed with third parties without the permission of the editor.

Order of reviewing and publication of manuscripts

Associate editor of the magazine/series of the magazine determines compliance of article to requirements to registration, subjects to a profile of the magazine/magazine series.

Materials of articles which are declined by the scientific editor don't return to authors. In case of discrepancy of article to requirements of registration, responsible secretary informs the author about refusal of the manuscript to the acceptance and possibility of re-examination after the correction.

In case of discrepancy of the subjects of articles to the magazine/ magazine series the responsible secretary informs the author about the refusal of the manuscript to accept and its causes.

All scientific articles which are submitted to the editorial board of the magazine/magazine series, without fail go for reviewing. Materials of articles which are requiring completion by the results of reviewing are sent to the authors for further work. The author has the right to refuse making alteration in a manuscript. After completion or refusal of the author, manuscript goes for repeated reviewing.

Originality of text must be no less than 80 %. This indicator in individual cases may be reviewed by the editorial board in order to avoid a formal valuation of the manuscript under consideration.

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