Department Criminal Law

Ержан Кенесович

Head of the department: Utebayev Yerzhan Kenesovich

Science/ academic degree head of the department: Candidate of Legal Sciences, Professor KazHJIU

Head of research interests: The Department: Technique of investigation of economic crimes - Semipalatinsk, 2003 .; Methods of investigation of crimes in sphere of economic activities related to illegal business, lzhepredprinimatelstvo and false bankruptcy - Astana, 2005 .; Optimization of criminal procedure forms the detection of crimes in the economic sphere - Almaty, 2007 .; Forensics: Educational-methodical complex discipline - Almaty, 2008 .; Criminal Law of Kazakhstan (general and special part): EMCD; Forensics: EMCD for specialties "Jurisprudence 5V030100" and "Law enforcement 5V030300" Families 2012. and etc.

textbooks were published: Criminal Law (general and special part), Forensics, Investigation serious types of crime Basics qualification of crimes. Criminology in the state language, Criminal Law on the State Language and Judicial expertology in the state language. - Families 2016.

Personal and professional achievements of the department and the faculty of the teaching staff of higher education institutions implement public policies and those of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan recommendations aimed at improving professional education and obtain a competitive specialist who can implement their theoretical knowledge through the corporate interest of the company, organization or body.

For the Department of the DFC assigned the following academic subjects: Criminal Law of Kazakhstan (general and special part); Criminal - executive law of the RK; Criminology; Criminal Procedure Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan (general and special part); Forensics; The theory of operational and investigative activities; Trial expertology; Prosecutor's supervision, Forensic medicine; Forensic psychiatry and specialized courses on the problems of crime and the criminal prosecution of the perpetrator authorities criminal procedure. The department UPD developed and implemented in the educational process more than 12 new special courses for afternoon and evening form of training (criminal and criminological problems of struggle against corruption and organized crime, narcotics, a workshop on the preparation of legal documents, a workshop on forensic science, the theory of forensic evidence, a technique pre-trial disclosure and investigation of certain types of criminal offenses, etc). Traditional teaching methods combined with innovative forms of the classroom, for example, the use of video and audio materials, video, practice visits to court records, facilities, execution of a sentence of imprisonment, which help to form the legal consciousness of the students about the need for enhanced individual training to acquire professional knowledge, skills and abilities of the future lawyer. It is granted in the form of role-playing games in the form of hearings, training of investigative actions in criminal cases during the pre-trial investigation and more. Including students themselves take an active part in the demonstration outreach and educational processes.

The Department of DFC created a forensic test site, study of forensic technology, forensic laboratories and forensic laboratory in order to gain the students practical skills of work in conditions close to the real actions of the investigator or the investigator, during the pre-trial investigation of the criminal case.

Participation in social activities of the department and the faculty: From 2008 Utebayev EK and staff of the department are members of the Public Oversight Commission on the rights and freedoms of man and citizen in the field, carrying out sentences of imprisonment, Kazakhstan European Union's Committee of the establishment of the International Bureau criminally-executive system of EKO RK Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and Semey EKR RK code of GRNTI 10.83: OM - 156/14, 156/15, 156/16 and 156/19.

Since September 2009 Utebayev EK is a member of the Republican UMC specialty "Law enforcement", created by the Academy of Financial Police of Kazakhstan in Astana, which also includes - Police Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan Almaty, Karaganda, Kostanay, Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan in Aktobe and others. Since 2016 RTMC specialty "law enforcement" at the Academy of the law enforcement agencies of Kazakhstan General Prosecutor's Office.

Awards, awards manager. department and teachers:

  1. Utebayev EK - (Durham University, UK), the certificate of ordination James Sweeney lecture on "International Human Rights" On November 28 - December 2, 2011;
  2. SM Sabitov - (University of Reading, UK) a certificate of ordination of seminars on the theme of "professionalism in the modern higher education" March 4-5, 2011;
  1. Karajanov MD December 30, 2014 awarded the title "Best teacher of the university";
  1. Utebayev EK - Certificate of honor from the MES in April 2014.

Address of the department and the Cabinet Room: Chair is located in the building №1 at EKR Semey, ul. Abay - 94. Kabinet№9

Tel / Fax of the department: tel .: 8 (722 2) 567 358, 525 226 (internal number 35).

E-mail the department:

Гульнар Назарбекова



Laboratory of the Department

Batyrova Gulnar Nazarbekovna


Acts in implementation of the Agency practical action against Economic and Corruption Crimes (Financial Police), the legal successor of the National Bureau of Anti-Corruption Department of the Civil Service of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in March 2004, and in the educational process for SUI KazHLU PhD thesis Utebayev EK .; in practical activities of the Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan and East Kazakhstan region in the educational process for SUI KazHLU PhD thesis Elamanova SH .; in the learning process and SUI KazHLU University "Kaynar" in Semipalatinsk and practice ATC EKO RK on struggle against drug trafficking on the master's thesis Kanatova AK In December 2012 Utebayev EK, Karajanov MD, SM Sabitov won a grant from the Committee of Science of MES for 3 years on the topic of scientific research: "Theoretical and legal problems of the non-state detective work to ensure the rights of persons and entities involved in the sphere of criminal proceedings."

The department operated scientific and student circles as on teaching academic subjects, and on the problems of qualification of criminal offenses and pre-trial investigation of criminal cases.

The department conducts research and workshops with practitioners prosecutors, internal affairs, institutions Committee of the correctional system, with universities, where there is the Faculty of Law, etc.

The department carries out the organization of teaching and evaluation, and training and professional (manufacturing) practices for bachelor, master and doctoral studies with the authorities and institutions with which it has signed agreements, for example, the prosecutor's office, court, police department, as well as agreements and the students themselves will in other organizations and institutions, such as legal departments, notaries, bar, military prosecutor's office, the military investigation department of MIA of RK, East RUBOOP, CC Boop MIA of RK, LOVD transport station Semipalatinsk, as well as the place of residence of students - in law and legal structures of the regions and other cities in the region and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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