Department of Informatics and Mathematics


Deputy head of the department: Kurmanbaev Erbol Asylhanovich

Candicate of physics-mathematical sciences

According to the mission of the university Department provides training highly competitive professionals to improve the economy of the East Kazakhstan Oblast and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In order to improve the quality of education staff of the department is committed to pass specialized accreditation of educational programs.

The activity of the department is built in accordance with the University of the quality policy, consistent with the objectives of the quality management system implemented at the university.

Diverse research activities staff of the department:. Participate in scientific conferences at various levels, the development of research projects, the release of articles, teaching aids, textbooks, monographs, management of scientific circles of students, etc. For example, 2 monographs have been published over the past five years, 1 textbook, 27 teaching aids, 185 papers. Totaling 520.45 publications printed sheets. In 2015 compared to 2014 the number of publications has increased by almost 1.5 times.

Topics of scientific research staff of the department:

Modern problems and prospects of development of information technologies;

Actual problems of standardization in the food industry;

The introduction of energy efficient technologies in cities and in rural areas.

Also, employees of the department were designed electronic collections EMCD oriented individual specialty. All this allows us to strengthen their individual and self-training, as well as improve the quality of the educational process

Particular attention is paid to work at the department of educational-methodical seminar, which discusses the use of new information technologies in the educational process, methods of drawing up work plans and syllabus on credit technology, and many other important issues of education.

Teachers of the department effectively implements modern educational technology and new teaching methods.

During the sessions, depending on the specific subjects taught at the chair, used a combined control, presentations, discussions, workshops, panel discussions, case studies, reports, speeches at seminars, presentation reports, problem solving and exercises, mini-tests, as well as other teaching methods.

The chair has scientific relations with leading universities and scientific centers of Kazakhstan and Russia: Tomsk State University, Altai State Pedagogical Academy, Kuzbass State Technical University named T.F.Gorbacheva, Eurasian National University named after Gumilyov, Pavlodar State University. Torajgyrov and many others.

The department has 15 classrooms (11 computer labs with 16 computers, teaching room, equipped with an interactive whiteboard, physics laboratory), which are used in the educational process. Computer classes equipped with modern software and learning systems to serve the educational process. In computer labs installed local computer network and the Internet. The educational-methodical study collected a lot of e-books, multimedia educational programs, collections of presentations, video lessons, effectively used in the educational process.

Every year students of the department of specialties involved in the research work: make presentations at regional, inter-university and national conferences, working on research projects in the circles under the guidance of teachers of the department.

Student clubs are functioning "Art of Computer Programming" and "Terms of the introduction of standards" for students. A team of selected students circle takes part in national and international competitions.

Students participate in various forms of educational work: curatorial hours, amateur arts festivals, KVN, debates, youth public organizations, etc., are different social activity and creativity. The department is actively conducted educational work: carried out exploring the importance of public programs; curator hours; celebrations; meetings and round tables.

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics organizes the teaching and study and work experience. With individual organizations that are the bases of practices, the University has concluded agreements on the organization and conduct of professional practice of students. Bases practices, for example, are State ECC "Intellect" MSPE "Polytechnic College" MSPE "Construction College", LLP "Kazpoligraf", LLP "Semei trade", JSC "Temirbank" JSC, "Kaztelecom", LLP "1S- Rarus "information-analytical department of GU" department of internal Affairs Semey "," National expertise and certification center "Establishment Kazakh network information center, LLP" Semnan "," Semipalatinsk meat-packing plant "and others.

Students have the opportunity to undergo practical training in companies with which they enter into agreements on an individual basis.

Specialties of the department:

5B060200 "Informatics"

Bachelor 5B060200 the specialty "Informatics" will be able to work as a programmer, computer, operator, specialist in the field of computer design, database designer in management organizations and business structures; professor of computer science and computer sciences cycle; a specialist in the field of cryptography; expert in the field of Internet technologies, and at the end of graduate majoring 6M060200 "Computer Science" can be taught in universities or engage in science in various research institutes. 5B070400 "Computers and Software"

Bachelor of 5B060200 "Computers and Software" will be able to work as a specialist in organizations, developing, implementing, and using computer equipment and software in various fields: mechanical engineering, transport, telecommunications, science and education, ie, in almost all areas of human activity.

5B070300 "Information Systems"

Professional activity of bachelors in the specialty 5V070300 "Information Systems" is carried out on public and private enterprises and organizations that develop, implement and operate information systems in various fields of human activity, such as machinery, metallurgy, transport, telecommunications, science and education, health , agriculture, the service sector, the public and local administration, economy, business, government and other various technologies.

5B073200 "Standardization, Metrology and Certification"

Bachelor of 5B073200 "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" can work as a specialist in the field of standardization, an expert auditor, inspector for supervision of compliance regulations, quality manager at the National center of examination and certification, customs, tax organizations, certification bodies, departments metrological service , enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership.

5B042100 "Design"

"Design" specialty Bachelor 5B042100 can work as a specialist in the areas of: architectural design (design of architectural environment, interior design, etc.); Graphic design (advertising design, print design, graphic language and visual culture, and others.); Industrial Design (furniture design, technical design, and others.); costume design (design and simulation of various types of collections of models, casual, elegant, exhibition and special clothes, fashion forecasting); TV Producer's design (design of a television channel, staged projects of television programs, films and others.).

5B072900 "Construction"

"Construction" specialty Bachelor 5B072900 can hold positions: foreman, foreman (site), a manufacturer of work, etc .; design engineer III category, engineer technician II category, automation engineering and mechanization of production processes, engineer, etc .; as well as be able to work as a guide, scientific and technical workers in the research, design, technological, design and survey organizations.

5B071800 "Power"

Bachelor of 5B071800 "Power" can perform the following professional activities: production and technology; experimental research; service and operational; organization and management; installation and commissioning; settlement and design.

5B090100 "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation"

Bachelor of 5B090100 "Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation" will be able to work in the sphere of material production, which includes a set of tools, techniques and methods of activities aimed at addressing the complex problems associated with the organization of the movement of transport, modeling and design of movement of vehicles, the study processes and laws of the organization of operational work; improvement of transportation process and the interaction modes of transport, as well as research activities in the field of efficient use of transport.

Training is also underway in the magistracy in the specialty 6M060200 "Computer" in the state and Russian languages.

The faculty of the Department of Informatics and Mathematics with pleasure accept new students for the start of joint educational and creative activities!

Department assistant

Kazbekova Moldir Meirbekovna

Abay str,107 build №2, cabinet №214.

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