Department of Philology



Head - Tulebaeva Kuralai Tohtarovna

Academic degree, academic title: Candidate of Philology

Research interests: literary regional studies, Turkic literature.

Thesis: "Literary Heritage Kalihan Altynbaev"

Publications: (45) Article (3) educational - methodical manual, (2) monograph.

Awards and achievements: Winner of the "Bolashak" scholarship program (2012). He was trained at the University of Marmara Istanbul (Turkey), and was awarded the title "The best teacher of the university -2013".

Address of the department: educational building KazHJIU, Semey, Schmidt Street, 44, 2-office

Department Phone: 77-34-62 (ext. 113)

E-mail of the department: foreign-

Reception days: Mon - Fri

Reception time: 9:00 - 17:00

Лаборант кафедры Филологии



Department laborant

Sabyrbekova Kenzhegul Muhametkazykyzy

General information about Department

The goal of the department: in-depth study of the history and theory of literature Criticism, topical problems of literature and linguistics.

Key areas of work, which adheres to the chair: the study of the history of literature from ancient times to the present days. Raising the status of the Kazakh language as a state on the basis of the scientific and theoretical research. Synchronic and diahranicheskoe isledovanie Kazakh language on the descriptive and comparative, theoretical innovation levels. Conduct scientific research on the study of local history literature and its role in the history of Kazakh literature. Philology Department creates all conditions for teaching and research of actual problems of the history of literature and linguistics.

At the Department of Philology and is classified taught by experienced specialists: SB Seyіtova prfessor k.f.n, Tursynov E. K.f.n, Abikenova GT k.f.n, Badambaeva GA PhD, Professor, f.ғ.k., Shanbayev TK PhD Professor, Acting Associate Professor, f.ғ.k., Muқazhanova RM Associate Professor, Gainullina FA PhD, Associate Professor, f.ғ.k., Kabyshev TB PhD and about. Associate Professor, Tulebaev KT PhD and about. Associate Professor, Abikenova GT PhD and about. Associate Professor, Doskeeva Sh k.f.n, Dolgushov TV PhD, Mukhashev ES PhD, N.T.Tlebaldina NT Ph.D. Senior Lecturer, Sadykov RT Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer Mursaliyev G.O, Kudaibergenov AK Senior Lecturer, Tursynhanova KT Senior Lecturer, .Burnashova, NF Senior Lecturer, .Izatova AB Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer Қabysheva RB, RA Mursaliyev Senior Lecturer, UB Kabdyrahmanova Senior Lecturer, BS Kokebaeva Senior Lecturer, Kakimzhanov AL teacher Қozhahmetova GB teacher Қanzhekenova PN teacher, teacher Kadyrmanova AK, AK Ospanov teacher, Knysh IS teacher Bayldinova MF and etc.

Teachers of the department annually participate in international, national and regional scientific and practical conferences, German teachers are taking part in the national congresses of the DAAD and the Goethe-Institute, carry out exchange of experience in the Republic of Turkey University (Istanbul and Pammukale) in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan to the Kyrgyz State University Alisher Arabaev, the University Paul Valery, Montpellier (France)

The department in charge of the following specialties:

5B011700 - "Kazakh language and literature" Bachelor

5B020500 - "Philology: Kazakh and Russian philology" Bachelor

5B011900 - "Foreign language: two foreign languages»

6M020500 - "Philology" Master.

Graduates spetsalno – 5B011700 "Kazakh language and literature" is assigned an academic degree in Bachelor of Education "Kazakh language and literature".

Upon receipt of a bachelor degree in Special and 5B011700 "Kazakh language and literature" graduates can perform the following professional activities:

- Education (teaching) - in general schools, lyceums, gymnasiums;

- Research (Junior Research Fellow in research institutions);

- Literary and artistic (cultural institutions, publishing houses);

-organizatsionno-management (in secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums, colleges);

- Institutions that are directly related to the specialty in various industrial enterprises and institutions (public sectors, in the departments of documentation, production and management)

Specialties 5B020500 "Philology" (Kazakh, Russian) at the end of the full course graduates receive a diploma of "Bachelor of Philology".

Professional activity of graduates majoring 5V020500 "philology" is determined according to the market requirements:

- Education;

- Research;

- Publishing;

- The media, including the Internet;

- Administrative activities in the field of education (secondary and higher institutions);

- Industry social - humanitarian spheres of activity (intercultural communication).

5B011900 "Foreign language: two foreign languages" training to professionals in the specialty 5V011900 "Foreign language: two foreign languages" is conducted in 2 languages ​​and at the end of the full course is assigned an academic degree "Foreign language: two foreign languages" bachelor.

Graduates of Special and above can perform the following professional activities:

-Teacher foreign languages ​​(English and German), in high schools and colleges;

-to schools, lyceums and gymnasiums humanitarian profile and direction;


-organizator educational process;

-redaktor journalist media;


Scientific issledovatelnaya work of students of the department: students majoring take an active part in the scientific work, the department is working scientific circles "Philology" and «Lingual circle». Students also participate in scientific conferences, engaged in scientific work on projects and dissertations.

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