Әлеуметтік-гуманитарлық ғылымдар кафедра меңгерушісі

Head: Tuyebaev Mahmut Mamyrbekovich

PhD Head of Department - Ph.D.

Scientific interests of the department head: Problems of spiritual development and the process of formation of the statehood

Personal, professional achievements and the head of the department teachers Tүyebaev Mahmyt Mamyrbekyly, Ph.D. - Author of 4 teaching aids, more than 30 scientific articles.

Rahmetullin Aman Kapanyly, Ph.D. Thesis: «XIX ғасырдың аяғы XX ғасырдың басындағы Шығыс Қазақстандағы рухани өмір»

Kydageldin Maksat Tyrsynhanyly. Field of research: philosophy Shakarim, socio-political processes in Kazakhstan. Author of over 30 scientific articles, 1 training manuals.

Қayyrhanova Kabirkyzy Farid, Ph.D., assistant professor. Field of research: Modern and Contemporary History of Kazakhstan, history of culture of Kazakhstan. Scientific articles published in collections of materials of various national (27) International (15) scientific-theoretical, scientific and practical conferences, popular science journals (15).

Baypeisova Gүlnar Muhametkalievna, associate professor of Kazakh State University. Scientific articles published in collections of materials of various national and international conferences.

Participation in social activities department chair and faculty

Tүyebaev Mahmyt Mamyrbekyly - Head of the Department, member of the Scientific Council, teaching KazHLU Council, head of advocacy group University, Ramazanov Ferdaniya Serzhanovna- scientific secretary of Kazakh State University, Ulan Zhangaliev Kurmetkalievich - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Humanities,

All teachers of the department actively participate in events held at the university and in the city.

 Awards, Award of the Department Head of department and teachers

Tүyebaev Mahmyt Mamyrbekyly - a sign of "Honorary Worker of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan"

Baypeisova Gulnar Muhametkalievna - honorary diploma of the RK Ministry of Education, Diploma of the akim of Semey,

Kayyrhanova Farid Kabirovna - honorary diploma of akim of Semey, Akhmetova Aigul Kabdylovna - honorary diploma of akim of Semey, badge "Honorary Worker of the Kazakh State University."

Address Department of offices and rooms: Semey, ul.Shmidta 44 3 KazHJIU Training Corps, Head - office №15; teachers - classrooms №15, 26 and 30

Phone the Department: 31/12/77 (extension number 112)

E-mail the department:

Hours Head of the Department on personal matters: his spare time training sessions



Akhmetova Aigerim Mukhametzhanovna

77-31-12 (ішкі 112), 8 775 753 3879



Bekbolatkyzy Zhannur


Department of Social and Human Sciences works with the 2015-2016 school year. The department is formed on the basis of two departments: the Department of History and Geography, and the Department of Philosophy and Political Science. Teachers of the department conduct classes on the history of Kazakhstan, philosophy, sociology, political science, religious studies for students of all specialties of the University.

The department trains specialists in 5 undergraduate majors and January 1 specialty Magistracy.

5B011400 "History"

5B020300 "History"

5B011600 "Geography"

5B090500 "Social Work"

5B050200 "Political Science"

6M011400 "History".

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