Khamitov Dosim Oylanovich

Опубликовано 24.04.2016.

Years of students – is an unforgettable period of life.

Our graduate in 2004 year with a specialty in “Jurisprudence” – Khamitov Dosim Oylanovich.

In his student years Dosim was one of the most successful students. He has been involved in social and cultural life, he defended the honor of the university in competitions in table tennis. He worked hard, walked purposefully towards its goal to become one of the best in the professional field, knowing that education obtained in KazHLU will be a strong foundation for the rest of his life.

After graduation Dosim worked legal counsel in the criminal executive system, and later in the Department of UIS on VKO senior legal counsel, thus only strengthening his knowledge and skills in practice.

Since 2008 year he works in the Division of Legal Support and International Cooperation Committee of the UIS.

Today Dosim working as head of the branch committee of criminal-executive system.

He was awarded the medal “For the contribution to the strengthening of the rule of law” and the Jubilee Medal “20 years of Kazakhstan’s police.”

Achievements Dosym – the result of fruitful work, since university days to the present day on the way to success. We hope to achieve it is not final, because it is constantly in the process of growth and improvement.

We believe, the secret of success – in education, setting the right goals and continuous self-development.

We are proud of our graduates!