Letter to Rector


Dear friends!

I am glad to welcome you in my page.

Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University is a young and still developing institution in the East reagion of the state, and today we can honestly call it innovational where new educational technologies are realising and implementing. KazHJIU is 20 years old. All these years our University is keeping the best traditions of education. We are proud of our scientific achievements of faculty and students, achievements in different areas like education, sport and social life. Our University drives for open any potencials of each student in accordance with the high requirements which are pretended to the  specialists of new formation.  We always work together - team work, students and teachers create their home, their institution together.

I am sure, who connected their future lives with KazHJIU will never regret their choice.

Inviting you to my personal blog, I am totaly ready to speak to not only with students, but with schoolchildren, their parents, university staff, with representatives of different production spheres, business and culture, without wasting time waiting in the waiting room. I will carefully listen to your suggestions and constructive ideas.


EKR, 071400, Semey, Lenin street, 11.

Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University

Tel./fax: 8(7222)360199, 8(7222)360-299

е-mail: semey@kazguiu.kz

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