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Military Department of the Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University of Semey opened from Resolution of the Government dated August 27, 2011, number 977. Education on it gives the young men an opportunity to become not only a defender of the homeland, but also have great prospects for the construction of his service career.

Admission to the military department


Education at the military department is carried out on a free and paid basis.

Selection of students for training at the military department is carried out by the selection committee on the basis of competition.

To participate in the competition, students of 1 course KazHJIU studying only full-time education - citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan no older than 27 years for the year to attract, passed all stages of professional selection.

  Competition for the selection of students is carried out in four stages:

Stage I - the passage of medical examination in the

Commission local military command and control;

II stage - conducting professional and psychological testing;

Stage III - verification of physical fitness according to standards;

Stage IV - conducting a competitive selection.

The passage of each stage of the competition only once allowed. An applicant who has not passed the previous stage, the next stage is not allowed.

In the military department for the training free of charge, to attract students who have successfully passed all stages of selection and are in the ranking with the first number to the number corresponding to the number of allocated seats on a set schedule.

Those. learning free of enrolled students with a high GPA up to 0.01, according to the number of seats allocated for training free of charge.

The rest of the students that have not passed the competitive selection for the training free of charge, offered on a voluntary basis to study for value. Depending on the number wishing to study for a fee, also conducted a competitive selection and enrolled students with a high GPA up to 0.01, according to the number of seats allocated to the fee-based training.


Students girls participate in the competition for military specialties determined by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For students enrolled in the military department, a modern educational complex. The high level of teaching is ensured by good training facilities, the use of modern technologies and training of qualified teaching staff.

Students who have passed a full course of military training, training fees and passed the exams at the military department, after graduation of high school completion, the established order is assigned to the rank of "lieutenant in the reserve."


The list of documents for participation in the competition:

⦁ statement addressed to the head of the military department university students of 1st year (undergraduate) for full-time training, the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to participate in the competition for admission to the military department (application number 1.)

About ⦁ (application number 2.)

⦁ Certificate from the dean's office that is full-time students 1 rate indicating a degree, specialty code number and training group - 1 piece.

⦁ features with the dean's office, typing on computer (with the seal and signature of the dean) - 1 pc.

⦁ copy of one of the documents (if any), notarized, confirming the lack of care of the child only or both parents, or documents proving guardianship (custody).

⦁ Documents (if any), confirming the status of the parent as a soldier.

⦁ photocopy of identity card of the citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan (notarized) - 2 pcs.

⦁ criminal record and the administrative offenses;

⦁ document (if any), confirming the sports category, a prize in the national or international competition this year performers in international competitions in general subjects, as well as a Republican Presidential Olympiad on general subjects in the last three years;

⦁ medical card with the results of medical examination in the military. (Annex number 3.)

⦁ photocopy of registration certificate - 1 pc.

⦁ Photo 3 × 4 color (dark suit, light shirt, tie) - 8 pcs (4 pcs with the area to be printed and 4 units without corner..).

⦁ file for personal matters - 2 pcs.

Boys training at the military department conducted in the following military specialties:

⦁ «Fighting application units, parts and ground artillery compounds"

The selection of the specialty "Fighting application units, parts and ground artillery connections" made with specialties:

⦁ Biotechnology;

⦁ Standardization, Metrology and Certification;

⦁ Information Systems;

⦁ Informatics;

⦁ Computers and software;

⦁ Organization of transport, traffic and transport operation;

⦁ Basic military training;

⦁ Geography.


⦁ «Organization of educational and ideological work in the Army."

⦁ «Organization of special propaganda"

The selection of specialties: "Organization of educational and ideological work in the Army" and "Organization of special propaganda" carried out with specialties:

⦁ Jurisprudence

⦁ Law enforcement

⦁ Physical culture and sport

⦁ Basic military training

⦁ Pedagogy and methodology of primary education

⦁ Pedagogy and Psychology

⦁ History

⦁ Kazakh language and literature

⦁ Foreign language: two foreign languages

⦁ Philology (Kazakh Philology / Russian Philology)

⦁ Politics

⦁ Psychology

⦁ Economy

⦁ Accounting and Auditing

⦁ Finance

⦁ State and local government

⦁ Social work


⦁ «Procuratorial work"

The selection on the specialty "The prosecutor's work" is carried out only with specialties:

⦁ Jurisprudence

⦁Law enforcement

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