Research Center for Economic Research

ДеканDirector of center - Ziyadin Sayabek Tattibekuly, doctor of economic sciences, professor society.

Tel: 56-24-23, mob. 8 701 812 38 89


Research Center for Economic Research was founded in 2010 (Minutes № 2 of 12.10.2010 ) .

Research Center for Economic Research Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University (hereinafter - RCER ) is part of the Kazakh Humanitarian Law Innovative University ( hereinafter - the University ), is established for applied research problems in the area :
• Regional economy;
• Management ;
• Marketing.

Objects and areas of work RCER are:
• Socio - economic assessment of the level of development and environmental safety of newly established and emerging economies in the region, an inventory of the material, financial and human resources ;
• Determination of the place of the region in the territorial division of labor;
• Selecting strategies and legal protection of the region, its horizontal, vertical, and international relations ;
• Justification of the main directions of development of market relations and market infrastructure;
• Regulation of market relations at the regional level (pricing , financial - credit and fiscal policies , and security for the population ) ;
• Development and implementation of the regional ( municipal) policy of scientific and technological progress and the regional nature ;
• Implementation of the results of research in enterprises, and in the educational process, regardless of ownership;
• Involvement of, masters students and doctoral students to participate in the running RCER in research.

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