Бірқазақ Гүлден Саматқызы фото

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region,

Urzhar s., village Nekrasovka

Str. Abaya 46

Mob. tel .: 8   775   844 96 73

E-mail: gulden 11.08.94 @ mail.ru


FULL NAME:  Birкazaк Gulden Samatkyzy

General information:

Date of Birth: 11 .08. 199 4 year

Nationality:  kazakh

Floor:  female

Family status: Single

Citizenship: The Republic of Kazakhstan

Education:  2012-2016 years. KazHJIU

Specialty: 5B05100 "State and local control"

Languages: Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent, English - Level Elementary

Additional Information:

  1. Knowledge of the computer at the beginner programmer.All text, graphics, multimedia programs.
  2. St.Rim use IP "Paragraph" and the IRS "Adilet" on the Internet.

Personal qualities:  a responsibility, commitment, communicability, ability to work in team.

Enthusiasm:  Economic Literature Reading.


  1. Diploma ofI degree for the best student scientific work "INNOVATION, SCIENCE, EDUCATION"
  2. Diploma ofIII degree for the protection of scientific work International student's scientific-practical "Youth and Science: regional and global interests" of Semey. March 19-20, 2015.

3 .Sertifikat for participation in seminar "Technology to ensure social stability," Ust-Kamenogorsk 22-23 October 2013goda.

4 .Sertifikat for taking part in the training "Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship", 2012, Semey.

Resume objective:                         To work on specialty

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