FULL NAME:     Edelipova Laura Nurbolatovna

General information:

Date of Birth:    26.10.1994

Nationality: Kazakh

Gender: Female                                

Marital Status: not married

Citizenship: Republic of Kazakhstan          

Education: 2 012-2016  KazHJIU

Speciality: "Pedagogy and Psychology"

Languages:Kazakh - native, Russian – fluent,English - Level Elementary

Additional Information:       Knowledge at the level of the computer

novicethat the programmers.All  text, graphics,multimediaprograms

Personal qualities:         Responsibility, commitment,interpersonal skills, ability to work inteam.

Achievements: 1. Certificate for participation in the VIIRepublican student subjectabout olimpiady

Almaty Kazakh NationalUniversity.Al-Farabi, 28 March 2015.

  1. Xie River to visit the seminar-cates training on "Popular psychiatry"

Semey 5 December 2015.

  1. She conducted a seminar-training «Ұжымдағы қарым-қатынас » in the Central DivisionPolice (CSC) of Semey city.

The purpose of supply summary:                          For employment in the specialty

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region, Semey    

Str. 9 Zhirenshina d, q 2

Mob. Tel .: 87089605585

E-mail: l a _ _ _ r a -94 @

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