Name: Sungatov Erkebulan Shyngysuly

General information: 24.08.1994

Nationality: Kazakh

Gender: Male

Marital status: Not married

Citizenship: Republic of Kazakhstan

Education: 2012-2016 gg.student KazHLJU

Specialty: Jurisprudence

Languages: Kazakh - native, Russian - fluent,English - Level Elementary

Additional Information: Computer skills at the level of a beginner. Translate all text, graphics,

multimedia programs. Free use of IP "Paragraph" and the IRS "Adilet" on the Internet.

Personal qualities: Responsibility, commitment,Communication skills, ability to work in team

Hobbies: reading law books,Political science, psychology and philosophy.

The purpose of summary:   To work on specialty

Permanent location:

East Kazakhstan region,


Ryskulov str. 18

Mobile phone: 87477944647


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