“AIDS – the plague of the century!”

Опубликовано 29.11.2015.

28.11.2015 of all faculties of the university was held event under the name “AIDS – the plague of the century!”.

The event began with the traditional distribution of leaflets, and the distribution of red ribbons – a symbol of what a person is not indifferent to HIV / AIDS, and in solidarity with people who are faced with it.

Next event continued with a round table, where they were students of 1-4 courses and a doctor of the Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS Turarova Zh.N. For the student audience held a training seminar “Know and remember to live.” All received booklets on HIV and POPs. Also have been prepared posters “AIDS and drugs”, “What do you know about AIDS”.

We express our gratitude to the organizers of the event Student Alliance KazHIJU!