Опубликовано 03.03.2016.

“Education at the University – your capital in the future”

Sadyrbaev Aydar Seytkazynovich our graduate in 2009 with a specialty in “History”. In his student years Aidar was the leader of the faculty actively participate in social and cultural life of the university and the city. There was always an example for younger courses, neither event did not take place without the participation and assistance of Aidar. Aydar is also a creative person – plays the dombra, reading books in his spare time and is engaged in wood carving.

He began his career as a history teacher in high school in the village Peremenovka Borodulikha district of East Kazakhstan region. He worked as an instructor, a leading specialist, chief specialist of the department of internal policy Borodulikha district, the chief specialist of department of internal policy of EKO, deputy head of the department of internal policy of Semey city of EKR.

In its 28 years Aidar became head of PI “Department of internal policy of Semey”

He was awarded the Jubilee Medal “20 year the Constitution of Kazakhstan ”

We are proud of our graduates!