The dual education continues

Опубликовано 16.03.2016.

From February 25 to March 25, 2016, students: Zhapparova Aidana, Meldehan Aziza and Kayirgazyev Rustam group of 214 enrolled in the specialty “Law enforcement”, based on the agreement on cooperation and dual education between KazHJIU and police DVD VKO Semey Kazakhstan have practice in the police force. These students are assigned to experienced staff of criminal police, investigation, criminal investigation, according to the social and educational work. Within a month of practice, students will become familiar with the activities of the above units, will participate in the production of potential investigative, undercover investigative, operational-search activities and performance on social and educational work with the staff of the internal affairs bodies. In particular it should be noted that these students themselves expressed a desire, in view of the fact that this educational program and the specialty “Law enforcement” they have already begun to explore the basic obligatory subjects, for example, “Criminal Law of RK”, “Criminal Procedure Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “” Criminal legal policy fight against crime. ” In addition, students from 216 groups and Asadov Amin, Suttibaev Alimzhan enrolled in the specialty “Jurisprudence” from February 04 to March 4, 2016 has passed the cycle of the dual education program. We are convinced that practical skills and knowledge will help in the future to complete the training in the KazHJIU and decide on the follow-up the practice of law after graduation. Report prepared Head of the Department of Criminal Law CLS, Professor Utebayev E.K. and Art. Lecturer Master of Law Baygundinov E.N.