The interaction of theory and practice of teaching staff of the department of criminal law Faculty of Law KazHJIU continues

Опубликовано 16.03.2016.

As part of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev N.A. , the President of the article of 6 January 2016 as a “National plan – Path to the Kazakhstan dream”, which secured the essence of the second reform lies in the fact that the independent judiciary and the entire law enforcement system of Kazakhstan were aimed solely at ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens, the strict implementation of laws and the strengthening of the rule of law .

Once again, the members of the POC (Public Monitoring Commission) in Semey EKR Kazakhstan region visited the institution RH 156/16. So, today, March 14, 2016, members of the PMC, which is PPP department of criminal law  for the purpose of the interaction of theoretical knowledge in practical activities with the students of the law faculty 313 group of: Zhymabekov Nyrum, Duman Didar, Taupbekova Botagoz, Tuleutaeva Madina, Ualieva Aygerіm, Shalgynbaeva Kymbat, Ospanova Asel enrolled in the specialty “Law enforcement”, visited the State Institution OV-156/16 Duisi EKR RK, where they spent visiting scientific-practical seminar on the subject “Criminal executive Law of RK” on the theme “Respect the rights and duties prisoners in minimum security institutions. ” During the visit, the students: acquainted with the conditions of detention of prisoners, listened to questions convicts and legal advice to teachers in the Department of Criminal Law Faculty of Law of KazHJIU, asked questions to employees of the institution, in the responses which have received full information on the implementation and realization of the theoretical knowledge in practice this minimum security institution, ie a penal colony. Including acquainted with the internal arrangement of the administrative building, dormitory, canteen, parade ground, playground and other outbuildings, which are part of this institution. Together with the head of the department of criminal law KazHJIU Ph.D., professor Utebayev E.K. participated masters of jurisprudence, senior lecturer: Rsymbetova D.R., Stamgazinova S.S. and Temirgazin R.H.