Round table “Organization of psychological support for children with mental retardation that can be integrated into the regular educational environment (exchange of experience)”

Опубликовано 30.03.2016.

25.03.2016 Department of “Pedagogy and Psychology” KazHJIU held another round table in the framework of the research work of the contract concluded with the KSU School №42 and №9 MSPE Nursery garden “Aigolek” two years ago.

Within two years, it was carried out certain research work, which was attended by the faculty of the department, undergraduates, graduate students. A diagnostic study of cognitive processes, emotional disturbances in children with mental retardation, have developed a program of teacher education of parents of children with mental retardation enrolled in remedial classes, the content of psychologist with children these parents.

In addition to the results of the study to discuss the reports were presented on the theme: “Psychological characteristics of children with mental retardation” Rahimberdinova TB – Associate Professor, and “Criteria for diagnosis of mental retardation” Tursungozhinovoy GS – Associate Professor,

The roundtable was attended besides teachers, psychologists, speech therapists and school №42 nursery garden №9 specialist of the department of public education Isabaeva AS and social educator psychological, medical and pedagogical commission Semey IA Izotov, who commented favorably on the work carried out by the department of “Pedagogy and Psychology” at the secondary school №42 and №9 nursery garden, noted the activity of the roundtable participants and the practical the importance of the discussion topics.

The interest aroused present an exhibition of books, textbooks and magazines on the subject of the round table, presented the university library, as well as an electronic catalog of the literature on the issue drawn up by the teacher of chair Kononov NV ..

Senior lecturer, master Dakin GT held a presentation of training manuals “Psychodiagnostic and correctional work conducted with children with mental retardation”, issued by senior teachers, masters of the department Dakin GT, Oryngalievaoy SH.O. psychologist and school №42 Uvalieva GR.