Modern science: the condition and the ways of development



Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University invites You to take part in International Scientific and Practical conference “Modern science: the condition and the ways of development

Work languages of the conference: Kazakh, Russian, English

The date of conference is 20-21th of April, 2016. Articles will be accepted before 4th of April, 2016.

The place of the conference (20-th of April): Republic of Kazakhstan, Semey, Abai street, 94; (10.00 – plenary session) and Abai street, 107 (14.00 – section meeting); Kazakh Humanitarian Juridical Innovative University.

We invite scholars, University teachers, College teachers, School teachers and magistrates for the participation of the conference.

The basic direction of the conference (expected sections):

  1. The modern problems and proposals of the informational technologies development

(coordinator: Zhumabayeva Asima, e-mail:;

  1. Condition and prospects of the development of technical regulations in food industry within the framework of the customs union

(coordinator: Zhumabayeva Asima, e-mail:;

  1. The development prospects of electric power and electric techniques

(coordinator: Zhumabayeva Asima, e-mail:;

  1. Biotechnology is an integration of theory and practice

The actual questions of biology and applied biotechnology

(coordinator: Tazabayeva Kulyash, e-mail:;

  1. Physical training and sport as a tool of physical upbringing

(coordinator: Tazabayeva Kulyash, e-mail:;

To take part in the conference it is necessary to send on the electronic addresses of the coordinators complies with directions the following information:

  • the application on the given form;
  • thesis of the article, formed on the following requirements;
  • scan copy of the Organizational fee cheque.

Application and thesis must be sent to electronic address, pointed to the “theme of the message” – “To conference at KazHJIU, from ______ (Name of the participant) ___”). Request – Please fill the “Theme of the message” on Russian (English) language. (Kazakh language is not provided by the post programs).

The participant (group of participants) can give only one article (thesis) for a speech on section.

Requirements for performance of conference materials

The volume of materials for the conference must not be more than 4 pages, without numeration. Page format: fields from all sides – 2,0 sm (text must be written on Word program, Times New Roman, font size – 12, line interval – 1pt).

The title of the article is at the central part of the page with capital letters. Next line is the Name of the Author (group of authors), name of the University, city. Next line is the course and specialty of the author. The main text must be written after two intervals. The list of literature must be at the end of the article, references must be given in square brackets.

The materials plan to be published before the conference.

The organizational committee of the conference retains the right for choice of the incoming materials.

Organizational fee of the conference is 1000 tenge. The fee consists of organizing cost and performance of the collection of the conference materials on the electronic version. Payment is made to the current account of  KazHJIU:

Kazakh humanitarian juridical innovative university

БИН 980440002042

Кбе 17

РНН 511700061447

ИИК KZ249260301112931003


KazHJIU doesn’t provide accommodation and transport fees for foreigners.

 If you have any questions about performance of the article you should ask coordinators complies with directions.





Elikbayev A.

West Kazakhstan State University, Aktobe


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  1. Name of the participant
  2. Place of work
  3. Address, Telephone, e-mail
  4. Theme of the article
  5. Section
  6. Form of participation (in person or absentia)

Requirements for technical equipment (yes, no)