The visit of foreign partners in Kemerovo within academic mobility

Опубликовано 02.04.2016.

From March 28 to April 2, 2016 in the framework of academic mobility at the Department of Informatics and Mathematics KazHJIU our foreign partners from the Kuzbass State Technical University named after TF Gorbachev (Kemerovo), represented by the Deputy Director for Research IITMA Ph.D., Dubinkin DM, Ph.D., associate professor Sarapulova TV and 5 students of the specialty “Standardization, Certification and Quality Management” held an internship in the specialty.

KuzGTU Students actively participated in the International Student Scientific and Practical Conference “Actual trends of modern society: young people think,” the student specialty “Standardization, Certification and Quality Management” KuzGTU them. TF Gorbachev Porohnova Hope (Supervisor: Rossieva DV) took second place.

Gave lectures in the framework of partnerships with foreign universities:

Vice-Rector for USX, Ph.D. Zharykbasova KS (Theme – “Quality Management System” and the “Regulations of the Customs Union”);
associate professor of “Informatics and Mathematics”, Ph.D. Davydov SG (Topic – “Government of Kazakhstan standardization system”);
Associate Professor of “Applied Information Technologies” KuzGTU, Ph.D. Sarapulova TV (Theme – “Cloud computing”).

Within the framework of academic mobility KuzGTU students had an internship at the following enterprises: Representative of the Kazakh Institute for Standardization of Families and the Department of Technical Regulation and Metrology on EKR Semey.

Teachers and students KuzGTU familiar with the material base of the University, visited the Republican scientific and technical library of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the city museum.