International debate tournament on the theme: “The rights of the person or rights of the state, what is the priority?”

Опубликовано 05.04.2016.

April 1, 2016 the Department of Criminal Law Faculty of Law of Kazakh State University International Debate Tournament held on the theme: “The rights of the person or rights of the state, what is the priority?”. It was attended by students of the Law Faculty of the Novosibirsk State Technical University Novosibirsk, the Russian Federation and law students KazHJIU.

From each team of 4 players involved. One of the teams by drawing lots was defined as “the Government”, and the other – as the “opposition.” “Government” advocated the priority rights of the state over the rights of the individual when they collide, and the “opposition” – the priority of individual rights against the rights of the state. Both teams are preparing for both case studies – both in government and on the opposition. The judges were teachers: Rudt Julia Arkadyevna Temirgazin Roman Hurmatullaevich, time-keeper: Kasymov Rustem 3rd year student of the Law Firm KazHJIU responsible for the regulation of speakers, moderators: Baildinov Yergali Temirzhanovich.

The participants of the international tournament for the debate considered the most pressing problems and issues related to the state of migration in Europe and the EAEC, human rights and the prevention of criminal offenses of corruption. Ways to solve this problem, participants debate tournament see the following: improving the mechanism for implementing the current legislation regulating migration relationship.

At the end of debate tournament winner was the visiting team “opposition”, the Russian team of NSTU Novosibirsk. This team of debaters, according to the jury, were more professionally produced content of speeches were persuasive and argumentative character with the international legal point of view. Including students in the following categories were identified: “Best Speaker”. They are: Nikita Kalinin and Vinokourov of Team Anna NGTU 4th year students and students of the 3rd course LF KazHJIU Ahmerov Alex and Etibar Efendiyev.