“I am proud to be studied precisely in KazHJIU!”

Kurmangaliyev Zhasulan Medeshevich – graduate in 2013 year with a degree in “Jurisprudence”.

During his student years Zhasulan was an activist, head of information and legal sector of public fund “Commonwealth Young Lawyers” in the ranks of “Zhas Otan”, Financial Manager “Zhas Otan” in the KazHJIU. He is author of unofficial anthem of the university.

After graduation he worked in the Justice Management of Semey. He is currently the manager of the regional information and entertainment portal “City F», the number of subscribers which has more than 70 000 people, a public figure, a delegate to the party group in the party “Nur Otan”, as well as advisor to akim of Semey – Ermak Salimov Bidakhmetovich.

Zhasulan held a series of urban interventions: subbotnik and competition cleanliness in the city organized a “Parade Chair” campaign to clean empty bottles of champagne out of the trees and the introduction of a new tradition of tree planting newlyweds, share, posting social labels, with an appeal to give seniors people, pregnant women seats in public transport, painting wall on the street. Abaya and the creation of the “Wall of Wisdom”, a mass planting of trees near the emergency hospital. This is a partial list of events organized with the participation of Zhasulan.

Zhasulan one of image-makers and patriots of our native city of Semey. All this he does in order to make our city a better and more beautiful, and most importantly, to create all the facilities for citizens!

Now Zhasulan plans to create a new park area in the city “Family Walk” and improve bus stops and public transport city.

Good luck and success in the endeavors of our graduates!