About innovations in UNT kazguiu КазГЮИУ
Опубликовано 25.04.2016.

The growth of the welfare of the people, the further development of the economy, the development of the education system and bringing it closer to international standards – are now major challenges facing modern society.

It should be noted that the system of national education annually hosts a variety of reforms, introduced many changes and innovations. For many years the unified national testing (UNT) is organized and conducted in the country’s schools, which allows to identify the level of quality of knowledge of graduates. Every year the conditions of the UNT graduates for the purpose of admission to universities have become easier, strengthens communication between graduates and educational institutions.

In early April of this year in high schools of the city was made the TDMA (external evaluation of educational achievements), organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, in which clarifications were given, and on the organization of the UNT this year. In the organization of the TDMA attended Head of the Office of the external evaluation of the Committee for Control of Education and Science of the MES RK  Zhandildina Z.Zh., head of the Department of Control of Education EKR Ayazbayev E.M. , Rector of the Kazakh Humanitarian – Law Innovative University, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor Kurmanbaeva Sh.A., Rector of SSU name Shakarima, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Eskendirov M.G. , head PPENT at SSU. Shakarima Kozhebaev B.J. , deputy akim of the city Sharov N.V. , director of preschool and secondary education department of education EKR Zhumadilova S.A. , head of the education department of Semey Fesenko N.A.and his deputy, NV Tag. Also present akim of Kurchatov NJ Nurgaliyev, head of the city department of education Lukpanova A.Z. , head of Ayagoz district education department Azimbaev N., deputy akim of Ayagoz district Nukebaev B. , director Akshaulin high school A. The pressure, as well as the heads of the Departments of Education, director, head teachers of schools Abai, Beskaragai and Borodulikha districts EKR.

Head of external evaluation Management Committee for Control of Education and Science of the MES RK H. G. acquainted Zhandildina graduates with the general rules of the UNT. She drew the students’ attention to the following: Testing is carried out in the Kazakh and Russian languages, in five subjects (Kazakh or Russian languages, mathematics, history, Kazakh language in schools with Russian as the language of instruction and subject matter of choice, depending on the chosen specialty in teaching in Kazakh schools language), testing is conducted in PPENT from 1 to 15 June.

The head of the city department of education Semey NA Fesenko stressed that the quality of the UNT delivery depends on the preparation for it throughout the educational process. UNT held in June this year, will determine the level of knowledge and preparation for exams.

In addition, NA Fesenko drew attention to the need for parents to not only the subject, but also the psychological preparation of graduates to UNT, contributing to the successful passage of the test.

In the 2015-2016 academic year for high school graduates and high school students in order to improve the quality of testing was carried out in real time. (Online -rezhime)

This preliminary check of the quality of knowledge makes it possible to more successfully pass the final phase of testing.

Checking the quality of knowledge of graduates of educational institutions, held on 16 April this year, has revealed the potential of students. In testing in the online mode was attended by 475 students. Of these, 210 – students of schools with the Kazakh language of training, 265 – students with Russian language of instruction. In general, the graduates performed well prepare UNT.

According to preliminary data, in PPENT №836, opened at SSU. Shakarim 1219 people will take part, among them: 860 – graduates of city schools, others – students Borodulikha, Beskaragai areas.

In PPENT KazHJIU when testing will take 863 students. Of these, -358 – students of schools with the state language training and 505 – graduates of Russian schools. The teachers of city schools and parent community, it was stated that an important prerequisite for good results UNT is primarily a stable psychological state graduate correct installation.

We wish today’s graduates to get high scores in the UNT, success and conquering new heights!

The head of a single point

national testing at KazHJIU

Omirbaev E.D.