Project “How are you a student?” kazguiu КазГЮИУ
Опубликовано 02.05.2016.

May 1, 2016 in the Student House KazHJIU YW “Zhas Otan” under the “Nur Otan” party organized a meeting with students of the project “How are you a student?”.

The event was held in two parts:

1. Discussion on the topic: “I am a professional of the profession”

2. Training seminar on the theme: “We are one team”

The first part of the event, students talked about their profession that demanded in today’s society.

In the second part of the activists held a seminar-training and games on the theme: “We are one team”.

At the end of the festive event, all the participants gathered at the festive dastarkhan. kazguiu КазГЮИУ